Hi. Not an inspirational title for a page, but I guess this bit is ďabout meĒ so itíll have to do.

My name is Bruce Tarran. From February 2007 I have joined a great club called The Leicestershire Lawn Tennis Club as Head Coach. Up to April 2006 I was Head Coach at the Penzance Tennis Club in Cornwall. Before this for 13 years I was at Totteridge Tennis Club in North London. The first club I coached at was Bounds Green, an excellent and friendly 3-court club in (youíve guessed it!) Bounds Green, and after that at Waterfall Tennis Club in Southgate, a really pretty club (but watch out for the flies off the brook). originally with 8 courts although I think only 5 of them are now in working order.

Iím an LTA Licensed Professional Coach having passed my Pro exam way back when in 1989. Before I started coaching I used to play tennis all the time. I loved it like a drug. I still love it but can get depressed when I now lose to disrespectful pupils who four years ago came up to my knees. I donít think I was ever a great player - I did play junior and senior County tennis for Hampshire and competed at Junior Nationals with very early exits - but I was always a bit of a hacker really. Although always a trier, and like I said - I loved it.

It is something I like a lot - seeing someone who has hardly picked up a racquet, coming to a place in their life where they develop a love for tennis that fills them up with enthusiasm. I think I see myself in them when I was younger. I suppose it doesnít really matter what it is - trampolining, netball, tennis, whatever. Itís nice for a child to be special at something. And I think tennis is a particularly good sport for a kid to do - itís social, provides good friends, a safe environment, itís good for self-esteem as they improve - tennis is a great game for any youngster to play.

Having said this I donít mean you have to be a County player or better to get a great deal of fun out of playing tennis. Iíve taught loads of kids, individually and in groups, who donít play tournaments regularly but still love the game. And by being in a strong environment with positive peer pressure I do believe they can still be strong players in their level and continue to get a lot out of tennis all through their lives. Thatís the great thing about tennis - there are so many levels. So find your level, and enjoy it. But strive to be as good as you can be - this is a very satisfying thing.

Originally Iím from Hampshire but Iíve lived in London since I was 18. Iíve worked as a coach for the South-East Region and for 14 years a Middlesex County Junior Performance Coach. Middlesex has become my adopted county and I think over the years Iíve worked with most of the County squads, boys and girls, in all age-groups. I was also coach to the Middlesex Poly High-Level squad when it was the only place of Higher Education in Britain providing a structured coaching schedule for National standard students.

In 2001 Totteridge was accredited as a National Junior Performance Club by the LTA, at that time the first in Middlesex. This was a great achievement for an outdoor 9-court club, and one which belonged to all the juniors who played at Totteridge through those years.

I moved on to Penzance in Cornwall in March 2005, the club achieving Performance Status in March 2006, and then to The Leicestershire in February 2007. I hope that the current crop in both clubs will go on to even greater things. But most important of all, whatever their standard, I hope that they will continue to play and enjoy tennis for the rest of their lives.

Bruce Tarran

As a tennis coach Iíve been more successful. I think Iím a better coach than I was a player. Iíve been individual coach to a couple of girls who were National champions in their age-group, and quite a few pupils whoíve done much better at Nationals than I ever did. And in addition to this very many kids, most of whom started with me as tiny beginners, who have been county champions, reached Nationals or represented their county.